About Our Organization

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) serves as the central IT organization for CSU Fort Collins. The Division supports the land-grant heritage of the institution including the University's priorities for teaching, learning, research, and service. DoIT is responsible for delivering enterprise level services for the CSU System and campus-focused technology services for the Fort Collins campus.

Since 2020, the division has evolved significantly bringing together three distinct departments (ACNS, Information Systems, and Telecommunications) that previously operated independently. This organizational evolution will continue in the coming years as we move toward aligning the IT organizations from CSU Fort Collins, CSU Pueblo, Spur, and the CSU System Office.

Innovating IT, Empowering CSU

By fulfilling its purpose, “Innovating IT, Empowering CSU” the Division of IT aims to set the standard for IT throughout higher education and create a positive impact on the CSU community.

Our values: collegiality, reliability, service, community, and simplicity, define who we are as a team. Working to uphold CSU’s Principles of Community, we are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion as we help others discover and meet their potential.


Invested in each other's success, we value and support our family of team members and campus partners, and we share a common purpose.


Dedicated to being dependable IT partners, we draw on our combined experience, creativity, and accrued knowledge in our commitment to excellence.


Our reason for existing. We value responsive and responsible customer service, knowing and empowering our constituents, and delivering efficient and effective solutions.


We aspire to champion bold transformation by adopting the pillars of simplicity—stability, predictability, modularity, and reliability—to drive elegant innovation, ethical and sustainable use of resources, and proactive decision making.


Guided by CSU's commitment to a rich vision of community, we aspire to nurture equity and inclusion, act with openness and integrity, foster respect for all people, contribute to local and global well-being, and promote social justice.

Leadership & Departments

Organizational Chart

DoIT Organizational Chart (pdf)

Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer

The VP for IT and CIO provides leadership for the ongoing development of an innovative, sustainable, and secure information technology environment to empower the CSU community to meet its mission and goals.

The primary responsibilities include a wide variety of strategic technology topics, including governance and policy, resource allocation, information technology services, and oversight of the CSU Fort Collins Division of IT and CSU Pueblo IT Services organizations.

Brandon Bernier

Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer

Brandon Bernier serves as the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer for CSU Fort Collins and the CSU System which includes CSU Pueblo, CSU Spur, and the CSU System Office. In his role, he provides system-wide leadership on IT strategy, policy, and engagement with multi-campus stakeholders focusing on the alignment of technology to the teaching, learning, research, and outreach missions of CSU.

A dedicated partner committed to building relationships through proactive engagement in an effort to bring together information and technology communities he champions strategic thinking, aligning the value of IT with the mission of institutions, advancing diversity and inclusion, developing team members, and delivering high-quality technology operations.

Prior to joining CSU, he held leadership positions in central IT, distributed IT, and library roles at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Oakland University. He is actively engaged in national conversations related to technology leadership, strategic planning, and student success. Additionally, he serves as a faculty member for EDUCAUSE where he teaches for their Institute programs.

He has over 20 years of higher education experience and holds an MBA from Wayne State University and a BA in Telecommunications from Michigan State University.

Senior Leadership Team and Departments

Reporting to the VPIT and CIO, Division of IT leaders oversee the University's administrative systems, infrastructure, information security, strategic planning, research and user services and support, and teaching and learning technology operations.

Josh Clark

Assistant Vice President for Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure

Units within the Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure department provide services that support the enterprise business systems and backbone infrastructure for the University.

About Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure  

Steve Lovaas

Chief Information Security Officer

Units within the Cybersecurity & Privacy department provide services to bolster the university's security posture and manage identity access.

About Cybersecurity and Privacy

Peggy McCready

Assistant Vice President for Strategy and Planning

Units within the Strategy & Planning department support the division's financial operations and deliver on strategic initiatives and goals through close collaboration with Division of IT units and campus partners.

About Strategy and Planning

Kris Seidel

Senior Human Resources Manager

The HR Business Office is responsible for division recruitment efforts, onboarding and offboarding, coordinating professional development opportunities, and internal division communications on organizational changes.

About the HR Business Office

Neil Wineman

Assistant Vice President for Experience and Collaboration

Units within the Experience & Collaboration department support the teaching, research, and service mission of the University through technology operations.

About Experience and Collaboration

CSU System IT Alignment

CSU Fort Collins IT Strategic Plan

IT Service Management

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IT Governance

IT Governance ensures that the work done in the Division of IT as well as across the distributed IT environment aligns with the University's mission and strategic priorities. This is done by engaging our campus community and key stakeholders in making recommendations on IT decisions and directions. IT Governance

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DoIT By The Numbers

127 full-time & part-time staff
41 student employees
1460 combined year of experience

The Division of IT delivers a breadth of technology services that enable many of the core functions of the university.
DoIT by the Numbers highlights how the division delivers IT services through a variety of tools and systems.

News and Updates

Division of IT tackles IT Service Management

This project aims to strengthen the quality of IT services and support by adopting ITSM best practices, developing a new and improved IT service catalog, and implementing a single ITSM platform.

AudienceView Security Breach

A third-party vendor used at CSU for campus event ticketing, AudienceView, has experienced a data security incident.