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The Division of IT manages and provides support for a broad scope of technology services at Colorado State University. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that both IT professionals and users alike have access to the tools and resources they need to succeed. On this webpage, you’ll find a variety of resources that are tailored to the needs of IT professionals and their users. Explore our resources below to learn more about how we can help support your technology needs at CSU.

Division of IT Services

Visit the list of Division of IT services offered for Desktop and Mobile Computing, Cybersecurity & Privacy, Communication & Collaboration, Administrative and Business Operations, and more.


System Status

Check the current status of systems supported by the Division of IT and learn of any planned maintenance.

Change Freeze Periods

See the standard start and end of term change freeze schedule as well as additional change freeze dates for specific systems.

Microsoft Unified Enterprise Support

CSU’s Microsoft support agreement, Unified Support, ensures enterprise-level support, provides elevated incident response, and offers a variety of valuable services for IT professionals.

Policies & Standards

Find information about University IT policies as well as Division of IT standards.

CSU Federation (Shibboleth)

The CSU Federation provides a common framework for trusted shared management of access to CSU online resources. Using the CSU Identity Provider, Shibboleth, users have single sign-on convenience and privacy protection, while online Service Providers control access to their protected resources.

SMTP Service Configuration

Port: 25 (default smtp port)
Other Requirements: Connecting server/host must have an IP address local to CSU’s network (ex: 129.82.*.*)
Not Supported: External access; Authenticated smtp


Shibboleth Management

Authorized users can manage Service Providers and Service Provider Certificates.

Resource Coordinator Tools

Resource Coordinators (RC) can manage distribution lists, shared mailboxes, Microsoft Teams, and more through the RC tools.

Security Exemption Request

In order to apply for an exception to a particular IT Security policy item, the responsible department must identify the risk that the original security controls were meant to address, and explain how the proposed alternative solution will adequately address the targeted risk.

CSU IT Strategic Plan

The 2022-2025 CSU IT Strategic Plan provides direction for our campus community for the next 3 years. The IT strategic plan intends to strengthen the partnerships that exist today between central and distributed IT units and work toward advancing a shared set of strategic goals. 

IT Governance

IT Governance ensures that the work done in the Division of IT as well as across the distributed IT environment aligns with the University’s mission and strategic priorities. 

IT Groups

Need Help?

Contact the Division of IT Help Desk at (970) 491-7276,, or use the link below to submit a ticket

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