Project Services

The Colorado State University Division of IT Project Services Office was created for the specific purpose of supporting Colorado State University Division of IT and campus partners.

Submitting a Project Request begins the process of evaluating needs, resources, and determining a path forward towards project execution. If the initiative is small (see Project Templates: Project Sizing Matrix) with a limited impact, the request is reviewed and assigned to the appropriate DoIT team for completion. If the initiative is large with a wide scope of impact, the request is reviewed by the DoIT Senior Leadership for approval and prioritization. The Project Services Office facilitates these reviews and approvals, and manages most of the medium to large initiatives.

Request Forms

To request a project, click the button below based on your role:

Steps in Project Request Process

Workflow of a project, from when the project request is received to the project reaching completion

For additional details on the project request process, see the intake and approval workflow.