Duo Two Factor Authentication

What is Duo and why does the CSU System use it?

Duo is a tool that provides two-factor authentication to better protect your account by requiring an additional piece of information beyond your username and password. When you access certain CSU System services – including Microsoft 365 applications (OneDrive, Teams, etc.) and university email accounts, CSU’s VPN, HR, and Banner – you will be required to use a device that you have (mobile phone, desk phone, or a hardware token) to provide an additional layer of security to your account. This is done by receiving a push authentication request through the Duo Mobile App, a phone call, or entering a generated code. Video: Intro to Duo and Why CSU uses it.

How Do I Get Started?

You can register and manage (any and all) of the following devices for Duo Two Factor Authentication on the NetID website.

We recommend that you set up more than one device as a 2nd factor authentication method with Duo. If you lose, misplace or simply forget a device, having a second registered device will save the day.

The Duo Mobile App (Recommended)

Download the Duo Mobile App from your smartphone or tablet’s app store. Once registered, this method will allow Duo to push a message to your phone or tablet where you can verify your identity by tapping the screen. The Duo Mobile App also has a one-time code feature that functions even when the device can’t reach a cellular or Wi-Fi network.

Any Phone Number

You can register your cell phone, desk phone, home phone, etc. and the system will call you to validate your identity.

A Hardware Token

(CSU-Fort Collins users only) These can be purchased from RamTech for $23.75 and will be registered to your account at time of purchase. Hardware tokens generate a six-digit code that you can use to authenticate. 

Once you have successfully registered at least one device, you can test your account by logging out and back in to the NetID website.


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