Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) is a Microsoft cloud service for monitoring and configuring mobile devices and desktop computers (both hybrid domain joined and Azure-only joined). Division of IT developed tools and procedures in coordination with a handful of departments to facilitate campus use of Microsoft Endpoint Manger. The initial focus is on Apple mobile devices (phones and tablets) but the approach can be applied to Mac and Windows computers as well. Endpoint Manager is integrated with Apple School Manager for tighter control of campus devices as well but, at this time, this approach requires special purchase from RAMtech. When you purchase Apple devices from RAMtech, please request they be added to Apple School Manager at the time of purchase. Depending on the age of your existing, non-Apple School devices, you may be able to retroactively add those devices to Apple School Manager, see this Apple Support page for more information. Apple devices not enrolled in Apple School Manager can still be managed in MEM with less tight controls.

See Endpoint Management at Microsoft for an overview of solutions provided by Microsoft.

Contact with any questions and to get started with Microsoft Endpoint Manger or Apple School Manager.