Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows users to log in just once to access multiple protected websites and resources. Shibboleth is the open-source software that CSU uses for single sign-on to authenticate and authorize individual access of protected online resources. CSU resources that are SSO protected include Canvas, RAMweb, TimeClock Plus, Kuali, and more.

An example of what you’ll see when accessing an SSO protected page is shown below:

NetID Login Page, prompting users to enter their CSU NetID and NetID password

Logging In

step 1

When you attempt to access a protected resource, and have not yet logged in, you will be forwarded to the single sign-on page for login. The URL of the login page should begin with “”
Do not bookmark this login page URL. It has no information about the destination page and will not work again.

step 2

Log in with your CSU credentials:
Students, faculty, staff, and associates log in with their NetID and password
Community library patrons log in with their 9-character Community ID: review the Libraries: Community Patrons, Alumni & Guests page or contact CSU Libraries for more information

step 3

Your browser must be set to accept all cookies in order for you to log in
Select the “Disable Single Sign-On for this session” checkbox if you only want to log in to that individual application

Logging Out

Your CSU single sign-on session remains active after log out from a service until you completely exit your web browser or you may be automatically logged out if your session times out after a few hours. Close all windows and tabs in your browser to completely end your session. 

Additional Resources

General Support

Contact the Division of IT Help Desk at or (970) 491-7276

System Administrators and Web Developers

Instructions for installing and configuring a Shibboleth service provider on a departmental web server are on the CSU Federation website.
For access to the CSU Federation metadata manager, assistance with installing and configuring Shibboleth service providers to protect departmental web applications, or assistance with adding CSU SSO to vendor applications, contact

Password Help

Students: contact Office of the Registrar
Faculty/Staff: contact Human Resources
Library Community Patrons: see Community ID Password Recovery or contact CSU Libraries