Wireless Network Updates Fall 2022

The project to replace CSU’s current network authentication software and to rebrand the campus wireless networks has begun. The project team has identified an implementation partner that provides the necessary knowledge and expertise to bring ClearPass into production on our campus.

What is happening?

  • New wireless authentication software (ClearPass) is being implemented across campus
  • The csu-eid wireless network is being replaced by csu-net
  • The csu-guest wireless network is being replaced by csu-visitor
    • An Internet of Things (IoT) network will be added to csu-visitor for IT professionals
  • There are no changes planned for the eduroam network

Why are we doing this?

CSU’s current network authentication platform is out-of-date and difficult to support. This critical component of the campus wireless network needs to be replaced.

The network names are being updated to better reflect what they represent:

  • csu-net provides access to CSU’s campus network for students, faculty, and staff
  • csu-visitor provides a more limited network for those outside of CSU’s community

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will wireless authentication in labs using pre-shared key (PSK) networks be changing?

    Yes, eventually. The Division of IT will work with individual departments/colleges to transition their devices from old pre-shared key (PSK) networks to the new IoT network. This process is not bound to any other deadlines for this project and likely will take several months to work through. We will NOT disable any existing PSK networks until we have transitioned all lab devices to the new IoT network.

  • I have a use case where it will be difficult to move off csu-eid, what can I do?

    csu-eid will be hidden on August 12th through November 18th, at which time it will be turned off. During that time, you can begin transitioning difficult use cases off of the csu-eid network and on to csu-net.

  • Will access to csu-visitor be time limited?

    Yes. During the summer session, the csu-visitor network will prompt reauthentication after one week so that conferences will not be interrupted. During the spring and fall semesters, the visitor network will prompt reauthentication every 24 hours.

Coming Soon: Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT network is estimated to be available mid-late August. More details will be provided soon. Watch the demonstration of the IoT portal to see how IT professionals will soon be able to access this network and manage IoT devices.