The Classroom Review Board

The Classroom Review Board (CRB) is an administrative committee, appointed by the Provost/Academic Vice President. Its primary role is to create and administer policies concerning the general management of all general assignment (GA) classrooms on campus.

The Classroom Review Board is comprised of 15 members, representing different perspectives and expertise, in support of maintaining the physical learning environment of the University. These groups include: faculty members, the Council of Deans, Facilities Management, the Division of IT, Office of the Registrar, College IT Administrators (CITAC), the Institute for Learning and Teaching, the Committee on Teaching and Learning, student chairs of the University Technology Fee Advisory Board (UTFAB) and the University Facilities Fee Advisory Board (UFFAB), and the Vice President for Information Technology. Also, the CRB has access to the information and expertise of the Office of Budgets as needed. The CRB is co-chaired by representatives of the Office of the Registrar and the Division of IT.

The Classroom Review Board receives assignments from the Provost and makes recommendations to that officer and is charged to:

  • Identify and articulate the need for the best possible environments for learning. Make timely recommendations for classroom equipment and other resources that will enhance learning. Make projections of student enrollment on classroom spaces as enrollment increases affect pedagogy and the general learning environment.
  • Continually assess the condition of all general assignment classrooms and make recommendations as to their improvement.
  • Ascertain, insofar as possible, the future needs for general assignment classrooms in terms of size, location, ambiance and equipment; and, make recommendations.
  • Collect physical and attitudinal data and store it in such a way that it can be useful in the present and future for the University Strategic Plan; for setting priorities; and, for making decisions regarding our instructional facilities.
  • Make recommendations in a manner that will be useful in long range facility planning, in the preparation of legislative requests, and for purposes of private fund raising through the Division of University Advancement
  • Create and administer policies concerning the general management of the general assignment classrooms an receive from the Provost proposals from departments and colleges for changes in the use of general assignment classrooms and make recommendations in this regard.

General Assignment Classrooms

To request a General Assignment (GA) classroom, see a list of all rooms, or to review the classroom use policy, visit the Registrar’s website:

Registrar: GA Classrooms