Alpine is a heterogeneous supercomputing cluster based primarily on the AMD EPYC “Milan” CPUs with; HDR InfiniBand; and 25 Gb Ethernet. Alpine is jointly funded by the University of Colorado Boulder, the University of Colorado Anschutz, Colorado State University, and the National Science Foundation (award 2201538).

Transition from Summit to Alpine

Alpine is now open to all CSU users. If you are a current Summit user, you do not need to request an account for Alpine, you automatically have access.


System Specs: With a peak performance of over 400 TFLOPS, there are 472 general compute nodes, 10 GPU nodes, 5 high-memory nodes, and 20 Intel “Knights Landing” nodes.  All nodes are connected through a high-performance network based on Intel Omni-Path with a bandwidth of 100 Gb/s and a latency of 0.4 microseconds. A 1.2 PB high-performance IBM GPFS file system is provided for active computation data.

For more information, see the Summit User Guide or learn more About Summit