RStor is a centrally provided, scalable network-attached storage platform by Dell EMC and it currently has a capacity of just over 420 terabytes. For data protection, the RStor system creates daily read-only point-in-time copies (snapshots) of files for 30 days. In addition, a nightly disaster recovery (DR) backup is taken of the entire system to different locations on campus. Get started with Rstor.


Globus addresses deficiencies in traditional file-transfer mechanisms by automating large data transfers, resuming failed transfers, distributing large transfers across multiple servers, and brokering direct transfers between remote computing centers. Get started with Globus.


CSU currently operates a fully redundant, self–healing 10 Gbps core backbone network, with a 40 Gbps ultrahigh–speed Research DMZ LAN. This network was created in support of researcher collaboration and data exchange.


CSU Researcher have access to a variety of computation resources. These are provided at the College, University and National level. Learn more about computation resources.


We collaborate with researchers, research coordinators, statisticians, clinical/biomedical investigators, programmers, database administrators, and IT staff on a wide variety of cyberinfrastructure needs, pre-processing, processing, post-processing, data transport, data storage, and data preservation. We assist with identification and resolution of potential problems and determine procedural solutions.

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