REDefine Engagement From INquiry Explored

Together, we will REDEFINE Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure at CSU through inquiry explored.

The Goal

Launched in 2021, REDEFINE was developed in response to the 2020 CSU Research IT Report. This report provided detailed information regarding the needs of our researchers and their support staff.

The most overarching theme found was that transparent feedback driven processes would be critical to the formation of a diverse and inclusive Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure program. By ensuring governance, feedback loops, and processes are established, the unique needs of our researchers are received and responded to.

The Impact

All established, partial and new Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure services will move through the REDEFINE process, ensuring multiple opportunities for feedback, enhancement, and reassessment.

Established Services

REDEFINE approved production level Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure services within CSU, discoverable through our Service Catalog.

Partial Services

Allow partial or not quite complete Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure services to be completed through the REDEFINE process.

New Service Request

Together, REDEFINE the next iteration of Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure services here at CSU. Email to get started.

Funnel services through REDEFINE process

The Process

The process for an established, partial or new Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructureservice to be implemented at CSU is articulated through the timeline.  CSU researchers and their distributed IT partners have multiple opportunities to provide feedback during this service development process. 

step 1

Service X is selected to go through the ‘REDEFINE’ process.

step 2
Opportunity for Input

Service X is defined in its current state, or if non-existent, defined by the two representative groups:

CSU distributed IT focus group
Chaired by Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure, one distributed IT director, cybersecurity representative
CSU Research focus group
Chaired by Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure, one department head or research associate dean, cybersecurity representative

step 3
Opportunity for Input

Focus group chairs organize a feedback survey to a subset of campus stakeholders.

step 4
Opportunity for Input

The focus groups review survey feedback and complete final draft of Service Charter.

step 5

Division of IT staff (or another subject expert) will review the service charter to determine technical options and approximate costs.

step 6

Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure and a collaborator will present Service definition and scoping/cost for project resource approval.

step 7
Service Initiation

The process is complete and will begin again during regular reassessment.