Data Governance

Data Stewards

Data Stewards are responsible for oversight of the Data Users under their authority.  This includes approving and removing access to data based on business needs.

If your department does not have a designated data steward or needs to have their data steward authorization renewed, please have the individual serving in the data steward role complete the following form:

Data Authorities

Data authorities ensure processes are in place to collect appropriate data for University purposes while safeguarding privacy and confidentiality.  This table lists Data Authorities and their respective area of responsibility.

Data AreaCampusData AuthorityEmail
CSU Foundation SystemsFort CollinsDavid
Facilities SystemsFort CollinsTom
Financial SystemsFort CollinsDavid
General DirectoryFort CollinsD Tobiassen Baitinger and/or
Nick Cummings
Human Resource SystemsFort CollinsNick
Information SystemsFort CollinsJosh
Sponsored Research SystemsFort CollinsPam
Student SystemsFort CollinsD Tobiassen
Student SystemsPuebloCarol