CSU IT Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

The campus-wide IT strategic plan for CSU Fort Collins was launched in Fall 2022. We intentionally designed a collaborative planning process that engaged key stakeholders from various colleges and divisions to ensure the plan represented the campus community. With the participation and input of these stakeholders, goals were prioritized across four strategic areas: Student Success, IT Security, IT Governance, and Operational Excellence.

If we’ve learned anything from the past few years, it’s that we need to be adaptable, embrace change, and adjust where needed. Now that Fort Collins, Pueblo, and Spur IT are aligning under one organization, it is important to reevaluate our strategic plan and broaden its scope to the CSU System level. 

With the new organizational alignment, IT Governance, IT Security, and Operational Excellence will now have an impact on and representation from all three campuses: Pueblo, Spur, and Fort Collins. While Student Success will not be transitioned to the System level, Fort Collins campus leadership will be developing a strategy that incorporates the IT Strategic Plan goals. The Division of IT will work closely with them to provide support and ensure alignment with the broader strategic objectives of the CSU System.

The CSU IT Strategic Plan is a living document that will enable us to advance a series of strategic initiatives that support the needs of students, faculty, and staff across the CSU System. It is designed to strengthen the partnerships that exist between central and distributed IT units and establish closer connections across campuses. As we move forward, we remain committed to working closely with our stakeholders and university leadership to ensure that the IT strategies and initiatives outlined in the plan align with the evolving needs of the CSU Community.

Brandon Bernier, VP for IT and CIO in front of the CSU Oval
Brandon Bernier Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

The Plan

The 2022-2025 CSU IT Strategic Plan includes an overview of each strategic priority, its specific goals, and the sponsors leading the work. Click the link below to access the full plan.

Strategic Priorities

The designated co-sponsors will serve as the visible champions responsible for the strategic priorities and will also provide direction, guidance, and support to those individuals leading the work. The co-sponsors will meet monthly with their respective project teams, determine what resources are needed, and provide quarterly updates, enabling the CSU community to keep informed of their progress.

IT Governance

This initiative seeks to develop an IT governance structure that will contribute to the ongoing development of CSU’s IT relationships, ensuring improved communication and alignment of IT resources.

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IT Security

This initiative seeks to enhance cybersecurity practices by developing standardized approaches, policies, and communications to raise awareness and strengthen our ability to protect all members of the CSU community. 

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Operational Excellence

This initiative seeks to better understand the current portfolio of systems and applications in use across colleges and departments, while developing a plan to reduce duplication and address any gaps in service. 

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Student Success

This initiative will be led by CSU leadership to create equitable educational environments resulting in increased graduation rates and eliminating opportunity gaps. Strategies to acheive this will incorporate goals from the IT Strategic Plan.

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